Vraja Yatra

Braj Dham is acclaimed in the Holy Scriptures as the most glorious abode of Lord Krishna. It is here that the Lord descended in His Human form as Lord Krishna and unraveled his enchanting and ever joyful “Lilas".

In veneration to this hallowed abode of the Lord, every year Braja Parikrama that is Circumambulation of the Vraja Mandal is conducted in which ascetics and devotees from all over the country take part. In this pious journey the sadhus traverse a distance of “84 krosh" and visit the “Lilasthals", i.e., The sites where the Lord unleashed his divine powers.

Ours is the oldest Vraja Parikrama tradition of around 530 years, andas the current BrajaVidehi Mahanta, Sri Gurudev has been leading this spiritual excursion, religiously for the past 37 years. Sri Babaji Maharaj is very much loved and revered by the inhabitants of Vraj Dham, who affectionately address him as Braj Dulha (Beloved of Vrajbasis). They shower him with adulations as he passes by their habitats.

Around 3000 sadhus take part in this spiritual exercise annually and provision of their Prasad and lodging is the obligatory duty of our Ashram. With the support of willing disciples and devotees, Sri Gurudev has been successfully conducting the Parikrama for years now.