Sri Guru Maharaj represents the oldest Vaishnava tradition of Jagatguru Nimbarka Bhagwan as it’s 57th enthroned Acharya of the sect’s Swabhuram Dwara, head quatered at Kathia Baba ka Sthaan, Vrindaban.

The illustrious lineage has been adorned with famous Acharyas, who were “Self realised seers “-Brhamagyani Hrishi. They have glorified their lives with years of severe spiritual penance in the forests and the Himalayas, away from public glare in search of the eternal truth. There illumined lives find mention in the Bhavishya Puran and the Bhaktamal. Here is a brief mention of some of our Acharyas:

Jagatguru Nimbarka Bhagwan, was born to Arun Hrishi and Jayanti devi as Niyamananda in Mungi Paithan, Maharastra. By the time he was a young boy, Niyamanada had already attained many yogic powers by virtue of sincere spiritual practices , so much so that once He had famously invoked the Sudrashan Chakra of Lord Vishnu and set it on a Nim tree like a blazing Sun (Arka). This divine act earned Him the name Nimbarka. Nimbarka Bhagwan later on migrated to Govardhan and spent rest of the His life in Brajadham . He is the proponent of well-known Dwaitadvait Siddhant -Dualistic Non dualism doctrine of Vaishnavism and has written the commentary on Brahmasutra.

The 39th Acharya Sri Chatur Chintamani Devacharya (Nagaji Maharaj) is famed as the initiator of the famous Braja 84 Kos Parikrama Yatra. By virtue of unflinching spiritual penances and practices Chatura Chintamani Maharaj possessed such spiritual powers that He would do the circumambulation of the Braja 84 Kos (approx. 300km) in a day which a normal devotee takes around 42 days. But, even after years of resolved spiritual penances The Divine vision of the Yugal Sarkar eluded Nagaji. Once Nagaji was so frustrated with Bhagwan for not revealing himself that he started to walk away from Vrindaban with an intension of leaving Brajadham forever. But while Chatura Chintamani ji started to walk off from His perch, His “Jata”, long locks got entangled in the bushy thorns. He could not move a bit and was stuck there for three night and three days without food and shelter, but with firm faith that Lord will come down to rescue. Lord too was testing His devotee’s fortitude. However, Radharani , the ever compassionate mother could not bear the sight anymore and appeared to Nagaji along with Lord. She brought food and sweet milk for her devotee and fed it herself to him just like a mother. Together the divine couple detangled the locks from the thorny shrubs and fulfilled Nagaji’s long cherished wish. This lila of Bhakt and Bhagwan has been highly gloried in the whole of Vaishnava community till date.

The 54th Acharya of the sect, Yogiraj Swami Ramdas Kathia Baba Maharaj, was a self-realised saint who personified supreme devotion and wisdom. He would revel in the divine vison of the Yugal Sarkar every moment, but his outward eccentric attitude and childlike demeanour would never reveal His greatness. Lucky few could fathom the depth of His spiritual splendour by solely His grace. He was highy revered in the Vaishnava community and Sadhu samaj as a whole and was bestowed with the title of Brajabidehi, Chatur Sampraday Mahant. It is said that after Sri Kathia Baba left his mortal body, tears flowed continuously for 13 days from the stone idol of Srimati Radharani ji. It was so bad that the stone eyes of the idol had to be replaced with a new pair.

55th Acharya Swami Santadas Kathia Baba Maharaj, who was initiated by Ramdas Kathia Baba Maharaj was like Bhagirath to the Bengali community. The Nimbarka school of thought was mostly confined to Northern states of India, till the all purifying-sublime Ganga in the form of Nimbarka Vaishnava Dharma finally found its way to Bengal through Him. Swami Santadasji Maharaj was Braja Dham’s first Mahant of Bengali origin. He established many ashrams, initiated thousands of devotees with the holy mantra irrespective of their caste and social status, wrote many books par excellence during His lifetime, which greatly facilitated the spread and propagation of the Nimbarka Philosophy in Bengal.

56th Acharya Swami Dhananjay Das Kathia Baba Maharaj, consolidated the spread and propagation of Nimbarka philosophy by establishing many ashrams, authoring a many immortal books on Nimabrakism and initiating thousands of devotees in the divine family. He was a Sanskrit scholar and established Sri Ramdas Kathia Baba Sanskrit Vidyalaya for the spread and propagation of the language.

Sri Gurudev-the present acharya of the Guru-gadi, was inducted into the Nimbarka lineage in his childhood by Dadaguruji Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathia Baba Maharaj. Babaji Maharaj is educated in traditional Gurukula system of Vedic studies from Varanasi. He has been instrumental in vast expansion, propagation and proliferation of Nimbarkism through His relentless service towards fulfilling His Guru’s divine directives. His holiness has established many ashrams and preaching centres covering the Char Dham of the land, along with major cities, small towns and remote villages of India. He has authored and published many books on Nimbarka literature and organised numerous spiritually uplifting Mahamahotsavs under His supervision, to inspire and motivate everyone-devotees, renunciates and householders towards attaining the highest goal of Human life-Krishna consciousness. With an intent of spreading the message of the Guru parampara to foreign countries, His holiness travels extensively all around the globe all through the year. He plans to establish a temple in New York for the spread and propagation of Nimbarka Sanatana Dharma.

Thus, we see that the divine lives and teachings of the Acharyas are perfect illustration of renunciation, detachment, absolute knowledge and sheer devotion as mentioned in our holy scriptures. Their teachings and blessings are our guiding light in darkness of the ephemeral world.

Sri Guru Maharaj often says that once inducted in the divine family of Guru-parampara during initiation, a devotee is forever under the blessed guardianship and vigil of subtle Guru-shakti of the hallowed lineage. Even mere mention of the holy names of these venerable saints of the Acharya Parampara bears immense merits and purifies the heart.

  • 1.  Sri Hansa (Narayan) Bhagvan
  • 2.  Sri Sanakadi Bhagvan
  • 3.  Sri Narad Bhagvan
  • 4.  Sri Nimbarka Bhagvan
  • 5.  Sri Srinibasacharyaji Maharaj
  • 6.  Sri Visvacharyaji Maharaj
  • 7.  Sri Purushottamacharyaji Maharaj
  • 8.  Sri Vilasaacharyaji Maharaj
  • 9.  Sri Svarupaacharyaji Maharaj
  • 10. Sri Madhavaacharyaji Maharaj
  • 11. Sri Balabhadraacharyaji Maharaj
  • 12. Sri Padmacharyaji Maharaj
  • 13. Sri Shyamacharyaji Maharaj
  • 14. Sri Gopalacharyaji Maharaj
  • 15. Sri Kripacharyaji Maharaj
  • 16. Sri Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 17. Sri Sundar Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 18. Sri Padmanabha Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 19. Sri Upendra Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 20. Sri Ramchandra Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 21. Sri Vaman Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 22. Sri Krishna Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 23. Sri Padmakar Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 24. Sri Shravan Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 25. Sri Bhoori Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 26. Sri Madhav Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 27. Sri Shyam Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 28. Sri Gopal Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 29. Sri Balabhadra Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 30. Sri Gopinath Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 31. Sri Keshav Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 32. Sri Gangal Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 33. Sri Keshav Kashmiri Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 34. Sri Shri Bhattacharyaji Maharaj
  • 35. Sri Harivays Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 36. Sri Svabhuram Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 37. Sri Karnahar Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 38. Sri Paramananda Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 39. Sri Chatur Chintamani Devacharyaji (Nagaji) Maharaj
  • 40. Sri Mohan Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 41. Sri Jagannath Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 42. Sri Makhan Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 43. Sri Hari Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 44. Sri Mathura Devacharyaji Maharaj
  • 45. Sri Shyamal Dasji Maharaj
  • 46. Sri Hansa Dasji Maharaj
  • 47. Sri Hira Dasji Maharaj
  • 48. Sri Mohan Dasji Maharaj
  • 49. Sri Nena Dasji Maharaj
  • 50. Sri Indra Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj
  • 51. Sri Bajrang Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj
  • 52. Sri Gopal Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj
  • 53. Sri Dev Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj
  • 54. Sri Ram Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj
  • 55. Sri Santa Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj
  • 56. Sri Dhananjay Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj
  • 57. Sri Rash Behari Dasji Kathia Babaji Maharaj