Kumbh Mela

Kumbha Fair is considered the most auspicious occasion of the Sanatana Dharma followers from all around the globe. It is world’s biggest religious assemblage attended by crores of ascetics, sages-devotees and presents an incredible spectrum of spiritual extravaganza.

Sri Babaji Maharaj upholds a very important title of Chatur Sampraday Sri Mahant, in context to the Kumbha Mela. According to the established tradition, under the aegis of the Vairagi Akhada, four main Vaishnava sects take part in the Kumbha Mela. Around 1000 Vaishnav Khalsas headed by representative leader- Mahant, participate in this congregation. Among these Vaishnava Khalsas, the Chatur Sampraday Khalsa occupies the highest position. This Khalsa has 4 mahants/ leaders who represent the principal seat of their corresponding Vaishnava Sampraday-the Nimbarka, Maddva, Vallav and Sri Sampradaya. These Mahants in turn unanimously chose their chief who is called the Vaishnava Chatuh Sampraday Srimahant. Sri Gurudev representing Nimbarka Sampraday, is the sovereign leader-Sri Mahant of the Vaishnav Chatur Sampraday. It is worth mentioning here that this tradition of a Nimbarka Mahant leading the Char Sampraday Vaishnava Khalsa has been in practice since the time of Yogiraj Ram Das Kathia Baba Maharaj.

This Chatuh Sampraday Khalsa has a very unique tradition of essential unity in diversity. During the mela, the 4 Mahants live under a common shelter, sing the traditional Stuti Kirtan in unison and sit for the holy feast of Prasad called Harihar together.

This Chatuh Sampraday Khalsa is hailed as the supreme court of the Vaisnava ascetic and renunciate group as all important decisions and rules pertaining to traditional Vaishnav society along with the appointment of Mahants and Jagatgurus are decided in the Vaihnava Chathur Sampraday Khalsa.

By virtue of this position in the Sadhu Samaj, Sri Gurudev leads the grand procession of follower sadhus and goes for snan along with the Mahants of the other Vaishnava Akhadas.

It is the obligatory duty of the Mahant to sponsor food and shelter for anyone coming to them. So a grand feast of Prasad “ Harihara”, open to all, goes on during the entire duration of Kumbha Mela.

According to Sri Babaji Maharaj, the Kumbh Mela held at any of the four holy destinations represents the most exalted site of pilgrimage. All souls in quest of salvation congregate during the Kumbh Mela to realise themselves. During this rare occasion, sages, ascetics from every nook and cranny of the country, even from the remote Himalayans, assemble to revel in this spiritual fiesta.